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About carrytheone

t the beginning of 2009 a Cambridge Mathematician and an online retailing expert came together to create a way to help online-store owners with their accounts. The result is carrytheone.

We were used to working with small businesses who trade online.

Often the small business owners knew they should keep accurate records of their transactions, but were at a loss as to how to do it efficiently.

So we surveyed lots of small businesses and discovered that 80% printed off their sales and manually inputted them into their accounts software (usually Excel) - which was a laborious process.

Others had a copy of Sage or Quickbooks, but relied on their accountant to enter the transactions as they lacked the skills or time to learn an accounts package aimed at accountants.

We thought.... there must be a better way.

After a lot of research (and quite a bit of help from this excellent site: No More Quickbooks), we came up with one!

More and more businesses are doing their accounts themselves using SAAS (Software As A Service) online accounts packages.

Why? Because they are designed to be used by non-accountants, are available from any computer and you are always using the latest version.

So if your accounts package is online, then why can't you import your online sales in real time?

Because we hadn't invented carrytheone yet!

We launched the Beta version on 5th May 2009. It integrated UK accounts software provider, KashFlow, with OSCommerce (and CRE Loaded).

Our software doesn't just import sales, it creates customer records, allocates payments and even creates credit notes automatically.

Our early customers are already telling us that they save up to 20 hours a month using carrytheone.

We are not stopping there....we will be adding new shopping cart software and new accounts providers shortly.

This type of integration usually requires a bespoke integration by a qualified developer - a process that can cost thousands of pounds.

But we want every small business to be able to benefit. So we have kept pricing extremely low .

If you would like to request a shopping cart or accounting app integration (the more we get for a particular app, the more likely we are to do it first), then please submit a request.

carrytheone integrates
e-commerce software BigCommerce
Loaded Commerce Magento
MijoShop OpenCart
osCommerce PrestaShop
Salesforce Shopify
WooCommerce Zen Cart
Accountancy Software E-conomic
FreshBooks KashFlow
E-conomic Xero