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Magento v2 & v1 Order Importer

Automatically import sales from your Magento store into your accounting application.

Here are just a few of the benefits & features:

  • Works with Xero, FreshBooks, KashFlow, e-conomic and Reviso
  • No more copy and pasting - if you do 5 or 6 orders a day, our service promises to save you over 10 hours per month.
  • FREE 30 day trial.
  • Easy installation with no files to change/upload
  • The integration supports both Magento 2 and Magento 1
  • Orders are imported seamlessly, within approx. 2 minutes of being triggered for import by your selected 'trigger' order status
  • The integration will import sales as invoices, customers and where applicable, products into your accounting application
  • Invoices are intelligently matched to existing customers if they exists, otherwise new customer records are created in the accounting app
  • Automatically generates credit notes (optional) - supports credit note adjustments and multiple credit notes on a single order
  • Worldwide tax support including Sales Tax, US State Tax, VAT, GST, PST and HST
  • Multi-currency support
  • Support for both retail and wholesale store configurations
  • Full Support for discounts, coupons and gift certificates
  • Only one integration is required for a Magento installation regardless of the number of store fronts it runs
  • (Advanced Feature) Optionally filter imported orders by store front and currency, e.g. where you require different handling for different store fronts (in this case multiple integrations may be required)
  • Enhanced support for M2E Pro - bring in your eBay and Amazon sales, differentiating by source

System requirements for Magento 1

Note: these requirements apply only to Magento version 1

1. Your web server needs to have PHP’s SOAP extension installed. If you are unsure about this, the easiest way to find out is just to proceed with the set up and see if it works.

If it turns out that the SOAP extension is not installed, you should ask your system administrator to rebuild PHP with this extension enabled.

2. You need to have Magento version 1.1 or higher.

carrytheone integrates
e-commerce software BigCommerce
Loaded Commerce Magento
MijoShop OpenCart
osCommerce PrestaShop
Salesforce Shopify
WooCommerce Zen Cart
Accountancy Software E-conomic
FreshBooks KashFlow
E-conomic Xero